Introducing Friday Favourites

Each Friday I’m going to be blogging about my Four Friday Favourites. This will be a quick look into my favourite images, purchases, meals and events from the previous week. Not only am I hoping that this will be a good way of reviewing my week, but I also know that it’ll encourage me to write something at least once a week – which is of course my main aim of having the blog in the first place. So with the explaining out of the way let’s get started on Friday Favourites #1

Favourite Event – Saturday night I headed up to Sheffield with my parents and my sister to celebrate my youngest sister’s 19th Birthday. She’s just started university ‘up north’ so I hadn’t see her for ages. We had a great weekend exploring Sheffield and catching up on everything. Interspersed throughout all the talking there was birthday presents to open, a long walk in the Peak District (we explored the area around Ladybower Dam), wine and some great food. We managed to squeeze in a fantastic meal at Uncle Sam’s diner and then birthday lunch at Loch Fyne where it was lobster for the birthday girl. We managed to pack a lot in to less that 24 hours but the best part was definitely just spending some time together as a family. With Becca in Sheffield and Fi and I both in London the five of us don’t get together as much as I’d like. 
Favourite Meal – my favourite food this week reflects the fact that it’s officially Autumn now, you see it’s the chilli I had on Tuesday night. I mean seriously could there be a more perfect dish for this cold weather? I was catching up with some friends the other day and we decided on a simple beef chilli for dinner and I have to say, good decision. It was the perfect accompaniment for a girlie catch up.
Favourite Purchase -I actually have two favourite purchases this week – I know cheating already! While I was up in Sheffield I managed to find myself a new coat. Now I’ve been looking for a coat for at least 6 weeks – basically since the weather turned cooler. All my old coats are too big, apparently that’s what happens when you loose 2.5 stone since last winter. Great for me, but not so great for my bank balance. Anywho, I finally found a coat. A yellow coat. With a fur collar. It’s amazing. And it was cheap. Under £40.00. Now that’s what I call a bargain.Want to see it? Take a look here.
My second purchase of the week are tickets to see Tyler Hilton at the end of this month. I’m so excited it hurts. He’s back in London headlining this time, and seeing as I missed him last time, there was no way I wasn’t going to get these tickets. So bring on Monday 29th October.

Favourite Image – this one is completely easy it’s a picture of my Thursday evening –

Last night I headed out for drinks and cocktails with my fabulous friend from work. We’ve been trying to sort out our work Christmas party,  yes I know it’s 74 sleeps away but we wanted to do something a bit different this year. So we decided to do a trial run of our plans and headed out for cocktails at The Foundation Bar in Covent Garden. It’s a great place, cool chairs, fun murals, Lego doors and buckets of popcorn and sweets on the table. Not only that but the cocktails were delicious.We may have been slightly tipsy at the end of it though! Clearly drinking on a weekday is something I need to work on.

Well that’s it for this week’s Friday Favourites and I have to be honest this looks like I’ve had a bit of a busy time this week. No wonder I’m so tired. It completely explains why I’m spending my Friday night on the sofa blogging in front of the England football match rather than dancing on the tables in London town.

Until next time….

Lau xxx


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