Running time

Today I am quite pleased with myself. you see I finally ran properly again.
Since February I’ve been trying to get into running. It’s the sort of thing that I’d try for awhile then give up on for one reason or another. I decided that things needed to change so armed with a Couch to 5k app I decided to set myself a challenge of doing the 5k Race For Life on Clapham Common in July. Now I’ve done the 5k Race For Life before but I’ve never run the whole thing from start to finish, so that was my aim. And I did it. I completed the 5k in 37 mins running the whole thing, and I have to admit I was very proud of myself. But since then I’ve not really progressed.  I’ve realised that having something to work towards really helps. Though I try to run at least once a week (preferably 2) I’ve been a bit useless lately. I haven’t really got any excuses either, okay I’ve been away for a weekend and I’ve been a little bit ill but really that’s not good enough. I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut and that I should have progressed further than I have done. If I’m honest I’ve struggled running 5k recently, when I do go for a run I tend to walk for parts of it, which is silly as I know that I can run at least 5k so that shouldn’t be too hard. But it is, which is annoying as really I want to be able to do a 10k before Christmas. Everyone I speaks to says that once you get to 10k it’s easier, so that’s what in aiming for. Even if that whole idea is wishful thinking I know I will still be so pleased to run a 10k none stop.
So back to why I’m happy today. I forced myself to go to the gym today even though all I really wanted to do was get home and relax on the sofa. But I went and I made myself run. Now it was only 5k but I didn’t walk at all and it took me 35 mins which is back to my old time. I finally feel like I may be getting back into this running malarkey. Fingers crossed i’m not speaking too soon. Hopefully my next run will be even further – I’m pushing for at least 6k and then hopefully by the end of November I’ll be running 10k. Here’s hoping.
Any hints and tips on how to get there would be greatly appreciated.

Lau xx

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