Friday Favourites #2

So it’s that time again, Friday Favourites has returned. Let’s get straight to it…

Favourite Event – Surprisingly I’m not going to mention the Bake Off send off in this post, it’s a shock I know! While I had a fabulous time on Tuesday night it wasn’t quite my favourite event this week. My favourite event of the week happened on Saturday. You see I got together with my sister and some cousins and we spent the afternoon and evening in London. We got the boat along the River Thames to Greenwich where we wandered around the Royal Naval College and the Royal Observatory. It was a perfectly crisp autumn day so it was gorgeous to be outside. We then headed to Covent Garden for drinks and dinner. We ended up at The Diner. This is one of my favourite places to go in this area, it’s a small classic American Diner, that serves all day breakfasts, delicious burgers, fries and milkshakes. It’s really the best place to go if you’re craving a bite of classic American cuisine. As I knew to expect real American portions I opted for my two favourite side dishes – Mac n Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries and followed them up with the Apple Pie (with Ice Cream of course). Delicious! I’ve just realised that this meal could easily fit into my favourite meal category too.

Favourite Meal – Okay so this will post before I’ve actually had this meal, but I know it’s going to be my favourite one of the week. Tonight (friday) I am heading to Joe Allen in Covent Garden for a catch up with some of my family and our family friends. I’ve been to this restaurant before and I know it will be a delicious meal – the menu is chock a block full of good tasty American food. It’s the type of place that if you walked past it you’d hardly even know that it was there, but the plaque next to the door leads you underground to a crowded, lively restaurant and bar.

Favourite Purchase – This week I bought train tickets to Nottingham for a weekend get together with some Uni friends. We try to meet up every couple of months and usually we stay with each other as we live in different cities. But for our Christmas get together we always try to aim for somewhere different. Last year we went to Birmingham and this year it’s Nottingham and I really can’t wait. The countdown has begun!

Favourite Image – If you’ve read my post from yesterday you’ll know that I finally made it to the gym. In my opinion this is a momentous achievement, as is the fact that actually ran 5km for the first time in a while. So that’s why this is my picture of the week.

Until next time.

Lau xxx

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