Christmas wish list

One thing you need to know about me is that I am obsessed with Christmas. Completely obsessed. Seriously. In fact, I’m already counting down the number of sleeps – there’s 65 in case you needed to know. The closer it gets to Christmas the more my inner 5 year old is uncovered. It’s my favourite time of the year and I just love it all; choosing presents, baking gingerbread, the music, winter walks, turkey and roast potatoes, watching all the Christmas films, Christmas crackers, stockings, board games, the Doctor Who Christmas special and most importantly the family time.

With Christmas looming closer I’m getting started on my Christmas list and have decided to share it on here, so be warned, the wish list section of my blog is going to become a Christmas list until the 25th December. Mostly so that I can keep track of everything in one place, rather than having lots of notes everywhere or forgetting the things that I see and like!

So let’s start with clothes as I always need clothes! Now it’s colder, I can spend my time admiring another one of my favourite things – jumpers, I love jumpers. I think it’s the snuggle factor, I just can’t resist them. In fact so far I’ve already bought myself three Christmas jumpers, but I’m still on the lookout for more, because let’s be honest you can never have too many jumpers…and that’s scientifically proven! So here are my favourites at the moment…

Unicorn Jumper, £35.00, Panda Jumper, £30.00 both ASOS Collection.
Bat Jumper, H&M Collection, £19.99. 


Now moving on to other clothing items, I recently tried these skinny grey cords from H&M on and absolutely loved them, but couldn’t quite justify buying them at the time. I think I might have just had a bit of a spending spree and was therefore a little strapped for cash, in fact I’m still having that issue which is why these are making their way onto my Christmas wish list too.
Next is this lovely top, I’m not a huge fan of graphic tees, but I love this one. The silhouette just makes this for me. It’s another ASOS Collection find, and at £14.00 I can’t help but love it even more!
Phew, that’s a bit of a list. More to be added soon…
Lau xxxx

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