Apple time…

What does everyone think about the iPod Shuffle? For awhile now I’ve been thinking about getting one as I’m thinking it would be the perfect thing for when I’m running. At the moment I use my phone as it has both my music (to keep me occupied) and the ‘Track my Run’ app which I use to calculate my distance and speed whilst running. But my problem with it is that I end up holding it for the duration of my run, which is not ideal. I’m sure my phone will end up failing me one day soon thanks to sweat induced rust. I’ve tried wearing one of those armband thingamy jigs but I just find it unbelievably uncomfortable whilst running, hence why I end up holding it. My thoughts were that if I had the Shuffle then I could clip it onto my running gear and off I trot. And okay I won’t have my tracking app but I tend to do the same run most weekends so I’ll be able to track my speed that way. Look at me I think I might have convinced myself just by writing this post. Clever me!

Okay, now I’ve found this picture I’m even more tempted, have you seen the colours? I love them. The hardest decision is now goingto be which colour to go for. Purple, green or dark grey? I think it might have to be a case of eeny meeny miny moe! Okay, and now I’ve seen the price – £40.00! This is definitely being seriously considered. The question is do I wait for Christmas or just buy it myself?

Lau xxx

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