New Running purchases…

I’m very aware that with this cold weather I am likely to use any available excuse to not go running. In fact let me be honest with you, it’s already happened. Take today for example. It was below 10°C and I just couldn’t get up and go for a run. Like seriously I was physically unable to drag myself from my bed and the sofa to go running. I was enjoying my warm flat and whiling away my time baking, blogging and catching up on TV way too much to actually go for a run in the cold weather. Talk about EPIC FAIL! Now with my plan to be running 6 miles (10km) easily by Christmas (only a mere 7 weeks to go now and I’m only at 4 miles) this CANNOT happen again. So I came up with a great plan. To thwart my lack of willpower I decided to treat myself to some new (i.e. warmer) running clothes. Let me just pause here and take a minute to laugh at that statement. A year ago I would never have imagined myself saying the words ‘treat’ and ‘running’ in the same sentence, but hey times clearly change. I’ve been bitten by the running bug and I’m actually enjoy something that I used to believe was a form of medieval torture. But anyway back to my great plan – If I treat myself to warm running clothes then I can’t use the ‘too cold’ excuse again and I will have to go running. Now normally for running I just wear an old t-shirt and an old pair of workout trousers, both of which are two years old and are now about two sizes too big, but I’ve always figured that what I was wearing wasn’t important. I mean it’s not a big fashion show is it? It’s just running. But I’m realising it’s time to change that outlook because if I’m running at least twice a week I should be wearing the right gear for both the activity and the weather.
So what did I get? Well I headed over to and picked up some great bargains. In fact everything was on sale, which was even better. I spent £29.97 instead of the £75.96 RRP. That’s a mahoosive saving of £45.99. Not bad, even if I do say so myself.


They’re due to arrive in time for next weekend, so expect a full report on whether they helped get me out of the house and running those 6 miles.

Lau xxx

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