Fluffy slippers…

I feel like I’m always blogging about the cold weather, so I must apologise. It’s just that I seem to be so cold all the time at the moment. Take right now for instance, the heating is on, I’m wearing a hoodie and slippers and I’m still cold. Now I’m going to blame my slippers for this – really there’s no sensible reason why I am, but that’s just the mood I’m in today. But also my slippers are failing me, they are literally falling apart as I walk and I fear they may soon have to be replaced. Twelve months ago my lovely slippers were brand spanking new in their fluffy woolliness, the grey cabled knit boots, with brown buttons were a marvellous sight to behold when I opened the parcel on Christmas day. But sadly, it doesn’t look like they will make it to Christmas this year. This has lead me to scouring shops and online to find an equally gorgeous new pair to keep my tootsies warm and cosy. So here are my favourites so far…

Fairisle Knitted Slipper Boots, New Look – £12.99
Cosy Ribbed Fairisle Boots, Accessorize £20.00 / Dark Pink Knitted Slipper Boots, Debenhams £16.50
Plain Cable Short Boot, Accesorize – £16.00 
Dunlop Cosy Penguin Slippers – £14.99
Okay so clearly I’m all about the knitted boot when it comes to finding slippers! And pom poms! I’m especially loving the red and white Christmas inspired fairisle pair. And how cute are the penguins? I couldn’t resist them, they may not be the ones that I would choose to buy, but they are so adorable that they definitely deserved a place on my final list. 
The only question now is which ones to go for and do I treat myself now or add them to my Christmas list?
Lau xxx

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