Holiday chatter and weekend update…

Yippee! I’m headed off to Portugal in two days for a long weekend in the sun – okay so there’s no sun there at the moment, but it will still be great to get away from London and relax, eat, sleep, and be merry by the sea.

Now I’m still not packed and haven’t ticked many (any) things off my list, but I couldn’t resist blogging instead. I wanted to share my fabulous weekend with you all. This weekend I went home to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. Both my sisters also made the trip, so it was a full house at the Evans abode and we certainly had a great time. Friday night was a trip to a delicious Chinese restaurant in Dorking, we had a feast of starters; satay chicken, spring rolls, seaweed & ribs, followed by duck pancakes and finally lemon chicken, beef in black bean, crispy shredded beef and noodles, all finished off with a refreshing bowl of segmented oranges – I swear it tastes better when someone else has peeled and cut it for you! We started off Saturday with the perfect breakfast, crusty bread, ham, cheese and baby tomatoes. I then managed to find myself in Guildford and upgrading my phone. I’ve swapped my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy III and I have to admit I’m absolutely loving it. It’s taking a bit of time to get used to it as the keys do different things than my previous apple version. But I did manage to add all my music from iTunes straight to my new phone, with only the help of an app. It was literally as easy as one, two, three.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to a lovely little coffee shop in a nearby village for afternoon tea, it’s my Mum’s favourite place so it only seemed fitting to spend part of her birthday weekend there. It’s a gorgeous tea shop that also sells gifts and of course me being me I managed to spend some money. Take a look at the photo, aren’t they just brilliant? I’ve been looking for a new clock to put in my bedroom for awhile now and this one caught my eye straight away – it reminds me of the melting clocks in Salvador Dali’s paintings. Then there’s the sign, I simply couldn’t resist it. Not only is it a wonderful sentiment, but it also happens to be the name of my favourite Christmas film ever. The best part about these purchases is that they were in the sale, so I managed to get both items for the original cost of the clock. Bargain! Now I just need to get these put up on the wall….

Saturday night was spent in from of a roaring fire, at full competitive force while we played board games and raced on Mario Kart. I was useless in all events – I swear it was just an off day!
The brilliant Evans weekend was rounded off with a trip to my favourite venue in London – The Royal Albert Hall – it’s simply stunning. We had tickets to an Emeli Sande concert so we took a mini picnic of Christmas sandwiches (from M&S) and settled in for an highly anticipated night of music. We weren’t disappointed, Emeli Sande’s voice is just stunning and she makes it seem just effortless.

All in all a fun packed weekend with family, can’t wait for the next one. Bring on Christmastime I say….

Right procrastinating done, I’d best get back to packing now…wish me luck!

Lau xxx

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