Post holiday blues…

I’m back! Holidays are now officially over 😦 okay so technically I’m still on holiday as I am typing this while on an Easyjet flight home from Portugal – I know aren’t you impressed with my amazing productivity, I am! But by the time I get around to  posting this I’ll be back in (rainy) London with all thoughts of holidays far behind me – sad times indeed! On the plus side exactly five weeks today is Christmas Day. Cue squeals of Christmas excitement followed by gasps of horror at the amount of things I need to do in those five weeks (in all honesty it’s best not to think about that right now – think happy holiday thoughts instead).
And what a happy holiday it has been, the past five days in Portugal have been absolute bliss. Okay here’s the truth of it, it didn’t start all that well, in fact the first three days of our five day break we were inundated with rain. Constant rain. I actually thought we might need to start building an ark. It’s not that we minded though, I mean it is November so we weren’t expecting endlessly sunny days. Luckily the weather didn’t hamper us one bit – in fact it meant we spent most our time completely relaxed; reading, watching films, drinking wine, cooking and, of course, playing board games. Like I said bliss! I honestly hadn’t realised how much I needed a holiday until I was enjoying it. I can’t remember the last time that I slept later than 8am, even on a weekend! Even with the rain we did mange to head to a local market on Saturday morning, I love markets. The smells of fish, flowers, fresh bread and churros are unrivalled in my opinion. We even stumbled across what remains of the town’s castle which was complete with old walls, a battering ram and a nativity scene. The trip to the market marked the end of the miserable weather, and for our last two days the sun was shining brightly. Which of course means that my freckles have returned in abundance and my pale skin is tinged pink (I think it must be the tiny bit of Welsh in me), aren’t I a lucky girl! But at least I look like I’ve been away so I can’t complain.
Take a look at some of the snaps I took, there’s not many I’m afraid, I think it’s the downside of going to the same place quite often you just don’t end up taking as many pictures, that and camera shy friends, so you won’t see many people either, apart from me that is!


Early morning at Gatwick airport all ready for Christmas/Fluffy clouds outside the plane window
Trivial Pursuit/Cocktails
View from the terrace/Lunch at Maria’s (I’m on the left, Fi is on the right).

Lau xxxx

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