Winter Checklist…

It’s almost December! Yippee! This makes it the perfect time to post this December checklist. You see this year I really want to make the most of the winter months, normally I have all these ideas of Christmassy and winter things to do during December, January and February but when said months arrive I end up spending my time doing the same things; usually baking, film watching and moaning about the cold! Well not this year that’s not me (at least not all the time), no sir. I am turning over a new leaf and making the most of my favourite time of the year, because although I complain about the dark and cold it’s truly my favourite season….or one of my favourite seasons, as honestly I love them all, I’m a true Brit in that sense. So here we go…

Drink hot chocolate and stir with a candy cane

Make (and eat) Christmas cookies or cupcakes

Get crafty and make homemade ornaments
Look at as many Christmas lights as possible
Watch Christmas films with Christmas popcorn
Find a Christmas jumper – So far I’ve got 2 Christmas jumpers, so I think this is covered, although I’ve seen a couple of lovely jumpers from Topshop that I’m tempted by. Watch this space…
Spend a morning drinking Christmas beverages in a coffee shop

Write a Christmas list – All done and dusted and emailed to the powers that be…
Listen to carols
Decorate the Christmas tree – we put the tree up in our flat on Sunday and it looks so magical. I love the twinkling lights.

Build a snowman
Put up fairy lights
Burn Christmas scented candles

Paint nails with Christmas patterns and cover in glitter – Wednesday night I opted for a ice blue Models Own base and covered in a layer of timy gold flecks. I’m calling them my Ice Queen nails!

I’m going to tick these off once i’ve done them so hopefully come spring i’ll have the full set all done and dusted.

Have I missed anything? What’s everyone’s favourite things to do at winter time?

Lau xxx


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