Christmas fun in Nottingham…

So this weekend I headed off to Nottingham to meet up with some of my favourite people for a Christmas celebration in Nottingham. If we’re getting technical then Friday was still November, but as my freundlings and I are busy people this was about the only weekend we could all make. So Fi and I hopped on a train heading in a northerly direction – because let’s be honest when you live in London, practically anywhere is north! We were meeting up with two of my fabulous uni friends, who I’ve known since the first time I set foot into Leicester University’s Clivedon Halls back in 2006. Our mutual love of Friends, apple sour shots and the Baywatch theme tune, along with out disgust at the ‘dog meat’ pie and slug infestations helped cement our friendship and let to three great years living in Leicester together. Fi is an honourary member of the group, although we try to ignore the fact that she went to Manchester Uni (let’s all boo and hiss her)! Upon Graduation we’ve all moved to different parts of the country, but we always make sure we meet up throughout the year. Christmas is always extra special as we try to head somewhere different, last year was Birmingham and this year we decided on Nottingham. And what a fantastic time we had.

Here are a few photos of the weekend. As per our usual meet up the time was well spent and mostly had us shopping, chatting, eating and drinking cocktails. It’s not a bad life at all!

Here’s Fi, Mara and Sam in cracker hats on friday night (you can just make out Christmas music in the background).

Piles of presents all beautifully wrapped.
Saturday night dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Frosty leaves
Nottingham Christmas lights

Outside Nottingham Castle

Fulfilling my dream to meet Robin Hood!

Group photo
Lau xxx

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