Presents for Me vs. Presents for You…

As last week was the first weekend of December and I was celebrating Christmas in Nottingham it seemed the perfect time to start my Christmas shopping. We all know I’m a Christmas obsessive, I mean I’ve been counting sleeps since October, but for some unknown reason I haven’t bought one present yet. I’ve picked up bits for my Mum’s stocking (she does everyone else’s so it’s only fair), so it’s not a complete fail, but I’ve still not bought a main present for someone. Anyway I thought that there was something poetic about starting on the 1st December – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself so that I don’t have panic and have a breakdown. Now I didn’t have a list but I had quite a good idea about what I wanted to get people, so simple pimple right? As it turns out, not so much. Now don’t get me wrong, I spent a LOT of money in Nottingham, in fact I’m pretty sure I single handedly boosted Nottingham’s economy in two short days, the problem? I bought myself presents, not other people! Seriously, no joke, what the hell is wrong with me? I ended up buying 2 dresses, 4 jumpers and a pair of jeans, plus a new scarf. Gosh it sounds bad when you list it like that! Oh well. That’s what credit cards are for…right?


One saving grace (maybe) is that most of the things I bought were either in the sale or I had money off vouchers. In fact it was only the jeans and scarf that were full price, but they were from Primark and H&M so didn’t break the bank.


Here’s a look at some of my goodies.



Gothic Lace Skater Dress
Gothic Lace Skater Dress. Oasis

Look at this dress, isn’t it just gorgeous?! It’s got a lovely layer of lace and the colour is perfect. It’s a dark grey/navy that manages to be dark without being dull and I also absolutely love the sleeves. I wore it on Monday night for my work Christmas party and I got a lot of compliments from everybody.


Next there was this lovely sparkle sweatshirt, you should know by now that I just can’t resist a jumper, especially not in this weather. This jumper is sparkly, so it’s absolutely perfect for Christmas. Another place it’s perfect for is my office. After an office move we are in a new location, on a new floor and it’s absolutely boiling all day. It’s crazy. So it’s all about layers for me at work, I’m practically an snowman on the journey to work, but as soon as I’m in the office I’m stripping off layer after layer. It’s madness. This jumper is definitely going to be one of the layers that I leave on for work. In fact, I bet it sparkles when I stand near the Christmas lights – must try that on monday!


Sparkle Sweatshirt
Sparkle Sweatshirt. Oasis
Camel mini cable jumper. Dorothy Perkins


I absolutely LOVE cable. I’ve tried to knit it myself and got all tangled, but I think that’s made me more aware of what a great pattern it is. This jumper is also thin, so gain it’s perfect for the layered look I’m wearing so much at the moment. The other brilliant thing about this jumper is the elbow patches. After seeing these I just could not resist it.

Please tell me I’m not the only person treating themselves this Christmas season??!


Lau xxx


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