Top 5 Christmas Films

I can’t believe I haven’t posted my Top 5 Christmas films yet. Rookie mistake. So here we go…

1. It’s a Wonderful Life – I first watched this film during my Philosophy & Ethics class when I was doing my A Levels. Watching films was the the best part about being at school in December and I think our teachers chose this one because it slightly fitted with the themes of our course. Whatever the reason all I remember is that I feel in love with it straight away. With characters like George Bailey and Clarence and the twinkling of bells what’s not to love? If you haven’t seen it then make sure you check it out this year.

2. Miracle on 34th Street – Christmas in New York, snow, the REAL Santa Claus and triumph over evil business people. PERFECT!

3. Love Actually – Firstly I love that this film is set in London, something that doesn’t happen often for a Christmas film. The way that each character’s story slowly becomes intertwined as the film progresses is brilliant. Then you’ve got Hugh Grant dancing his way around 10 Downing Street, Emma Thompson’s squashing her emotions for her family and the lobster in the Nativity play, just few of the reasons why I have to watch this each year, exactly one month before Christmas.

4. The Snowman – I remember watching this every Christmas for as long as I can remember. The drawings are beautiful and the music stunning, just the first few bars make me feel all Christmassy straight away.

5. Santa Claus: The Movie – Another film that I remember watching every Christmas, in fact I’ve just discovered that this was released the year I was born, who knew! I find some parts of this film really scary, I’m not sure why but I still remember these feelings each time I watch it. I have also always thought that the Father Christmas in this film is what the real Santa would look like.

One thought on “Top 5 Christmas Films

  1. Oh we really need to watch Santa Claus: The Movie again, it’s been forever! That is the one with Dudley Moore in isn’t it? And miracle on 34th street I love that film! xx

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