Top 5 Christmas jumpers

Yes, it’s another Top 5 post about Christmas, what can I say, I’m obsessed. If I’m honest them Christmas is going to be the focus of most of my posts from now until the end of January, so you’d best get used to it!

If you’re regular visitor to my blog then you’ll already be aware of my affection for the humble jumper. They are my guilty pleasure, my go to outfit and my happy place – there’s something about a jumper that makes we all warm and snugly inside. Add Christmas to the mix and I am one happy lady. So as you can imagine my Top 5 Christmas jumpers are actually pretty hard to narrow down, there’s just so many of them!

1. First up is this black candy cane jumper from New Look. Isn’t it lovely? I just
love the candy cane design and the heart shape that’s going on.


2. Next is this gingerbread man jumper by Louche available at Joy. Could a Christmas jumper get any more cute? I love the red too, perfect for Christmas. I actually already have a rust coloured moose/reindeer jumper by the same brand and I must admit I am wearing it constantly at the moment. It’s so comfortable, it’s thin but warm at the same time. Yes, that’s entirely possible before you ask.

3. Candy cane jumper number 2. This one is from Topshop and yes it make look very similar, but I still think I would benefit by having both in my wardrobe for next Christmas. Also the bow is new, and it’s glittery which automatically makes me smile with Christmas cheer.


4. Another Joy jumper. This time it’s a chunky reindeer cardigan I love anything with reindeers on, (note the already mentioned 2012 Christmas jumper) so I simply couldn’t resist including this jumper in my top 5 list. This would be just the think for Christmas morning with my Christmas pjs while I opened my stocking with my family.

5. The final jumper to make my list is from I love the reindeer and snowflake pattern, the colours and the knitted fair isle pattern.


If any of these find there way under my Christmas tree on Christmas day I will be beyond excited, and I’ll guarantee it’s all I’ll be wearing until New Year!
So what do you think? Any favourite Christmas jumpers out there? Do let me know as I’m already on the lookout for next year’s purchases.

Lau xxx


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