Decoration wars

It could be said that in my office this year there’s been some what of a Christmas decorations war. You see my department has recently moved up 6 flights of stairs to a new floor, and with that brings new neighbours. When the 1st of December came round myself and some colleagues set about creating a festive space to work. Lots of sticky tape and a quick scale up the cabinets later we had lights and tinsel at the windows and baubles hanging off the evergreen plants. These are the same decorations we’ve had for the past 3 years, and we’ve decorated in the same way too, because if something works why bother changing it. We realised quite quickly that maybe these kind of decorations weren’t a normal 6th floor thing to do. You see each time people walked past they did a double take and stared in awe at the decorations. Then there were secretive whispers from our nearest neighbours and suddenly over the lunch hour a forest of snowflakes sprouted from the ceiling. And not just any snowflakes, but gorgeous blue and white origami snowflakes. Almost instantaneously I was jealous, I wanted these snowflakes, I wanted to know how to make them, but more importantly I wanted my very own forest of snowflakes hanging from my own ceiling. So predictably I took to the internet to discover how these are made, and guess what I found? Yes, that’s right a whole plethora of different origami snowflakes. These are the ones hanging in the office, i can’t believe how easy they are to make. Take s look here – How to make Origami Snowflakes . I’ve got big plans with these this weekend once i’m back at my parents house. I think i’m going to decorate the whole house, it’ll look so pretty.

Lau xx


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