Sales window shopping…

I have to admit that this time of year sales shopping is my weakness, okay so really shopping is my weakness. But each year I tend to make the mistake of ‘checking out’ the sales which invariably leads to me buying lots of things that I don’t actually need. So this year I’m approaching things a bit differently, my cunning plan is to avoid the shops altogether. I figure that if I don’t go shopping then I wont find anything to buy and therefore I can’t spend too much money. Great idea right? You’d think so wouldn’t you. But in actual fact it’s not, you see I managed to find lots of things online that I really really want to buy, I’m trying to be good and ignore these tempting delights – so far, do good. Here’s hoping it stays this way.
So what have I found? Here are a few of the things I’ve found…

This Pieces laptop case from ASOS. It’s down to just £4, talk about Bargaineous!


Then there’s this gorgeous dress from Oasis, it’s down to £52 now but I still can’t justify buying it as I don’t have anything that I need a dress like this for. Although thinking about it, there is the sales conference at work in March down in Brighton. This could totally work…


Something else from Oasis that I’m currently coveting is this gorgeous heritage flare skirt. It would be perfect for work and would be great paired with my new brown boots. Its even got tweed in, how fabulously British!


This bag has been in my ‘save for later’ bag on ASOS for ages, it’s a Mischa Barton number and I love everything about it; the colour, the shape, the size. Want it, want it, want it! But £55 for a bag…I feel guilty spending that on a bag that I don’t need…


There’s also a huge number of books that I’m itching to download to my kindle. For someone who absolutely loves reading, it’s remarkably surprising that I didn’t get one book for Christmas. Unfortunately that means I have a list a mile long that I NEED to buy. Top of said list is JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy and James Patterson’s two latest titles.

Honestly I have a feeling that some (i.e. all) of these items will not be on this list for that much longer. Watch this space…

Lau xxx


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