New books for 2013

So I’ve set up my Good Reads 2013 challenge (check it out here) which means I’m all set to smash my 50 books target this year. Although let’s be honest as long as I beat my the dismal performance from 2012 then all is good.

Over the festive period I happened to purchase a few new books – like you’d expected me not too! Here’s the new titles, which will also be added to my original list.

Absolute Power, David Baldacci

First Family, David Baldacci

The Forgotten, David Baldacci

The Other Daughter, Lisa Gardner

NYPD Red, James Patterson

Confessions of a Murder Suspect, James Patterson

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, James Patterson

I had a bit of a splurge on David Baldacci and James Patterson titles, what can I say I was feeling the crime drama love. Honestly though, James Patterson is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I realised that I haven’t read anything by him for ages. I also discovered that he’s got 2 new books out the first half of this year, one in February and the other just in time for my birthday…hint, hint!

Lau xx

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