Thrifty shopping

I’ve been in quite a few charity shops recently as I’ve been dropping off a lot of stuff that I no longer need. Yes, I’m on the whole new year clear out train and, so far it’s been quite productive. While I don’t want to start filling up the new space I’ve created with new things, I do want to try and shop more thriftily. I always hear about brilliant finds in charity shops, but never seem to experience them myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good charity shop rummage. In fact, I always head there for books, especially if I’m after a classic or two. But I never normally find clothes…until last week that is. I popped into my local charity shop on Clapham High Street just on a whim and found two items that I’ve been wanting for quite some time.

Navy Cord Skirt

I’ve been wanting a new skirt for ages. I either have stretchy skirts or posh skirts, you know what I mean, things that are fuller, patterned and smarter for those dressing up occasions. What I really want/need is an everyday kind of skirt. Now I have a pink denim skirt (sounds hideous, but really isn’t) but I wanted something in a plain colour, something that would look good with thick tights, one of my  (many) jumpers and boots, but wasn’t just a thin material – like my trusty stretchy skirts from H&M. I needed something perfect for this winter season. But as usual I didn’t (and still don’t) want to spend too much on any clothing. Mainly because I know I still want to lose some weight and therfore I don’t want to waste money buying clothes that are only going to fit for a couple of months. So that was my list -plain colour, hardy material (denim, cord or the like), good with tights, jumpers and boots.

Well I only went and found the perfect thing ever, it’s a navy cord skirt from Kew (size 12 – squeeeeeeee!) and it cost me £3.50. Bargainaeous! Obviously I bought it straight away and I’ve already worn it a handful of times – totally worth it. Especially considering the long version of my new skirt is selling for £79 on the Kew website. Yes, I’m doing the happy bargain dance in my seat right now!

Waterproof outdoor jacket

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while now is getting an outdoor waterproof jacket for when it’s raining or windy and I still want to walk to work. My usual walk to work attire is my everyday mustard coat, or one of my many snuggly hoodies. But sometimes these just don’t cut it and I either end up frozen or just don’t bother to walk. Which is why a warmer waterproof jacket would be the bees knees. Luckily for me I found the perfect thing in the charity shop, it’s a lovely purple ski jacket. How much did this set me back you ask? £6.50. Yes the dot is in the right place, I think I definitely got a good deal here. Now there’s no hood to this coat, but as I always wear my hat it’s not an issue for me at all.

I just can’t get over how cheap my two bargains were. I am definitely converted to charity shopping, in fact I think I might head there again this week. Has anyone else got any charity shop bargains recently?

Lau xxx


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