My Week in Pictures #8

This past week has been half about Christmas/New Year fun and half about being back at work and as it turns out going back to work really ruined my photo taking mojo, which means that there aren’t any photos from Wednesday through to Friday! I will try to correct this mistake for next week – come on Laura sort yourself out! But seriously, why is it always so hard to go back to work after a break? And why is this time of year always so depressing? I’m trying to not feel that way but it’s really quite hard. I think I need to get planing so that I have lots of lovely things to look forward to!

1. Board game time / 2. Road trip coffee

3. Mr Ryan Gosling / 4. New Year’s Eve fireworks / 5. New Year’s Day lunch

6. Easter treats at the till (Yes Easter treats, seriously we’re not even through the first week of this 2013 year!). 7. & 8. Weekend cupcake baking.

Lau xx


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