Rummaging in the sales…

So my (self imposed) ban on sales shopping has been broken this past week. I couldn’t help myself I was having itchy fingers. But I didn’t go wild and I did stick to my list – although if I’m honest my list basically has every item of clothes on, but that’s just academic. So what bargains did I find I hear you ask?

Well my first stop was the Debenhams blue cross sale, partly because I was being lazy and partly because I worked there (way back in my youth) and was possibly feeling nostalgic. I used to love finding the best bits for the sale and hiding them until the blue cross started. I’m awful I know!

Anyway I picked up a dress for £7 from Dorothy Perkins and some Oasis dark purple straight leg jeans (half price).

Then I picked up these tops. I can’t decide which is my favourite but I have realised that they both have zips, maybe a new obsession of mine…


Warehouse striped top


Oasis zip detail top

I love this one as it just goes perfectly with my new Oasis jeans!

The only other thing I picked up in the sales was some gorgeous wrapping from Paperchase. At 45p for a pack of 8 bows and 10m of ribbon I couldn’t resist getting both the black and the pink versions.


There’s so many other things i’ve found, but I’m trying really hard to ignore everything else. I did start to do some online shopping and even had things in a basket but I stopped myself just in time. That’s a win for me i think, for now at least!

Lau xxx

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