Loves, Laughs and Obsessions #2

Here are a few of my loves, laughs and obsessions this week.

….I’ve been obsessing over this video

I have to admit I am very excited about a new album from Mr J.T. Especially as I was completely obsessed with Cry Me a River when it was first released. Now the only thing missing from this video is dancing…

….Enjoying myself in this shop…

I managed to fit in a visit to M&M World in London’s Leicester Square. Granted it wasn’t hard as I’m lucky enough to work only a stones throw from this chocolate treasure trove. As soon as you walk in you are hit with the smell of M&Ms and your eyes are assaulted by the five M&M colours. There’s merchandise galore, from mugs and keyrings to pyjamas and cushions as well as life size statues of the mascots themselves in British poses – here think M&Ms walking across Abbey Road, red M&M man as a Queen’s guard and even a red double decker London bus. But my favourite part of the store is the organ like plastic tubes filled with every colour imaginable of these little sweets of chocolate goodness. There are rows and rows ready for you to pick and mix your favourite colour combinations for both peanut and original M&Ms. They also have a few tubes filled with multi-coloured biscuit M&M’s if that’s what takes you’re fancy. Luckily I stopped myself buying anything this time, it was enough to just be surrounded by these fun things.

….Amusing myself with this programme…

The Big Bang Theory. I love this sitcom, talk about brilliant comedy. This past weekend I’ve managed to watch the rest of my Series 5 boxset and get through all the series 6 episodes that I’ve got saved on my sky box. Although I’m slightly regretting this now as I have to wait for the next episode and if there’s one thing I hate it’s waiting. I’m hideously impatient, even waiting for a lift brings out the complaining monster inside of me!

….And keeping myself warm and toasty with this drink…

I’ve discovered Nescafe Cafe Menu Caramel Latte sachets. They are genius, you just stir into hot water and have an instant mug of sweet caramel coffee goodness. Plus at only 66 calories per drink that’s way under half the amount of my favourite Christmas drink – skinny gingerbread latte if you were wondering. The fact that Starbucks are no longer serving said favourite Christmas drink means that I’ve been having the odd craving (or several) for a coffee related beverage. So when I spied these on the shelves in Sainsbury’s I was sold. Plus the sachets are perfect to take to work – saving me the £1.30 (per drink) it would cost to get me the equivalent from work’s coffee shop.

My latest addiction

My latest addiction

All in all I’m a very happy bunny.

Lau xx

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