Things happen for a reason

Recently I’ve been having will power issues, apart from a couple of runs each week I haven’t been doing any exercise. Now normally I walk to work at least three times a week, but since the new year I’ve been a bit lax. I know it’s the weather along with miserable January-ness but I just can’t seem to make myself get out and walk the three miles along the gorgeous River Thames. Instead I wait for ages in the cold before cramming onto a packed bus and then have to listen to my neighbours dodgy music while trying not to fall over or breathe too deeply in case I inhale the sweaty odour of the man that only showers one a month. That and I feel guilty and berate myself for the whole day before proceeding to repeat the pattern the next day! But then the Vauxhall Cross helicopter crash happened yesterday and you could say I had a complete change of heart.

You see if I’d have walked to work yesterday like I had planned the night before then I would have been at that very section of road at 8am, yes that exact road. I walk about 15 minute per mile and St George’s Wharf is my first mile marker, I’m coming under the bridge on Wandsworth Road at 8am and if I’d have been there yesterday I would have been joined by burning helicopter wreckage. Luckily I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday, never mind face walking to work so I got on the bus at 8am instead. So next time I’m feeling guilty about not doing something I’m not going to worry, because things happen for a reason and I clearly wasn’t meant to walk yesterday. By sister was even luckier, you see her bus passed under that bridge 30 seconds before everything happened. 30 seconds, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

So I’m going to say to myself (and anyone reading this) don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go to plan, stop feeling guilty if you don’t go for that run or eat one too many chocolates. As the events yesterday show us life is so incredibly short and we shouldn’t worry about having an extra two minutes in bed, missing our morning run or being a couple of minutes late to work (luckiest crane operator ever). Instead we should be enjoying every minute of our time on this glorious planet.
With that said I’m going to leave you with these words that I found on Pinterest (via this tumblr).

Lau xx


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