My week in pictures #10

Whoopee! we are over half way through the miserable month that is January, anyone else as happy as I am? Although this week was made better by the arrival of snow, yes I love the snow. Okay so I may have complained a teeny tiny bit about the bitter winds when I was in Sheffield this week, but really I love when it snows. So apart from enjoying the snow what else have I been up to?

Well this week has been an action packed one. Firstly I only had a three day working week which meant I was busier than usual at work. Then I had plans almost every day. How does that happen? One week you have no plans and then the next you have something every day?? Anyway on Monday I picked up a few new books from work (one of the perks of working for a publishing company). In the evening I headed out to meet friends for dinner and cocktails at Bodeans in Clapham. It was a great evening, with great company and great food. I had ribs and sweet potato fries, yes I treated myself and it was totally worth it. I would totally recommend visiting if you have the chance.


On Tuesday it was off to Wandsworth after work, and after a quick stop in Nando’s – I love that place – I headed into Cineworld to watch the fabulous film that is Les Miserables. And man was it amazing, the acting, the singing, the music, all of it was incredible. I was lucky enough to watch the stage version before Christmas, and since then I have been waiting avidly for the release of this film. And let’s just say it totally lived up to all expectations.

Wednesday I stopped in Starbucks for a warming cup of coffee before heading to the supermarket for baking supplies. Yes baking yet again. You see when you’re youngest sister sends you a recipe telling you how delicious some biscuits are the week before you are set to visit her I doesn’t take a genius to understand that she wants you to make the before the visit! So being the dutiful sister that I am, that’s exactly what I did.

On Thursday it was off to see the aformentioned sister to deliver the cookies and spend some quality time together after the end of her exams. I had first class tickets (hello east coast trains sale) so I was able to enjoy free wifi and comfy seats throughout my journey. Queue lots of blogging, reading and scouting of online shops.


Breakfast and blog reading in first class

Now I only had about 36 hours in Sheffield (most of Thursday and Friday), but we made the most of it, even with the snow that accompanied my arrival. We wandered around the Wintergarden and perused the gallery shops before having dinner at Cafe Rouge with one of my uni friends who’d come across from Leeds for the evening. Then there was board games, playing in the snow, lunch in the University Arms when Fi arrived followed by shopping and Starbucks before I jumped on the train back to London. Amazingly the trains were all working okay, although my carriage on the way home had no electricity-not caused by the snow – but don’t worry there was still free wifi so I was completely fine and dandy.

Saturday went a little bit like this, I woke up, stayed in bed. Walked to the shop, ate lunch, watched films, ate dinner and then went back to bed. Talk about relaxing. With all the snow and ice around I wasn’t going to chance going for a run, knowing my luck, I’d fall over and break something. Especially considering only a couple of weeks ago I managed to fall over when the sun was shining and there was no ice or snow to be seen!

Hope everyone had a lovely week and got to enjoy the snow too.

Lau xx


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