Running away in 2013

This year I want to really move ahead with my running. As I mentioned in my Year in Review post I can run 5 km/3 miles no problem, but when it gets past that I get stuck. Now I don’t think it’s because I can’t do it, I think it’s a lack of willpower that’s the problem. Right now it’s just hard to go running and even when I’m out running it’s hard to continue once I’ve hit that 3 mile mark. It’s so irritating. Anyway, in order to get myself back in gear I have signed up for two 10Ks this year. Yes, you read right TWO TEN KM races.

In fact the first of the two is less than 6 weeks away – Saturday 23rd February to be exact. I’m going to be running the Richmond Park 10k. I’m quite excited by this,obviously it’ll be my first 10k as well as my first race that isn’t a Race for Life event. Plus I’m running with both my sister and my Dad, so there will be an Evans family contingent in Richmond that day. Also I love Richmond Park, it’s relatively flat and the thought of possibly running along next to the deer that frequent this park is putting a smile on my face.

Race number two is the BUPA London 10k, which is taking place at the end of May, on the bank holiday Monday. This race takes in the sites of London which i’m very excited about, although I live in London and therefore most of my runs involve seeing parts of London I don’t often see the sites that I will run past on this route. Plus the roads will be closed, so no need to dodge pedestrians (and bikes) on the pavements as per my usual weekend runs. Also I’ll be running this for The Alzheimer’s Society and while I think fundraising will be fun, it will also be good to be helping out others while I’m running. Plus it’s another reason to persevere through the race.

So why two races so soon? Well I figured that if I have a race planned then I will have to do the distance, there will be no excuses. Maybe I’m being a bit optimistic but you know what I don’t care, I need to do something to kick things up a gear and hopefully this is it. I have a quote in my room that I love which has actually helped me here, it goes a little something like this –

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

That’s my running (and life) mantra right now, so I’ve signed up for these races and hopefully I’ll be ready for them. But you know what? If I end up having to walk a bit then who cares, I’ll have tried. I will have pushed myself that bit further outside of my comfort zone and tried something even when I wasn’t sure how it would go. And for someone that used to get panic attacks over things that I couldn’t control I’m quite impressed with myself. Even if I will be bricking it come the 23rd February!

Lau xx


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