Love, laughs and obsessions #3

A few more things that I’m loving right now…

My Screensaver

My work computer screensaver is really inspiring me at the moment. It’s a collection of quotes, inspirations and sayings from my The Written Word Pinterest board. It’s just what I need to get me through this slow month.

Desktop background

Desktop background

This video

Something else I discovered on Pinterest via a friend is this YouTube video -The War by agentofCHAOS13x. It’s a brilliant mash up of clips from all the Harry Potter films together with music from This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve watched this way too many times already and it gives me shivers every single time. The cutting of the video with the music is unbelievable. As someone else points out it’s like the song was written for the films. I dare any Potterhead to watch it and not cry and smile and cry and smile (and then experience every other emotion in between).

My new Pass case

I am so totally in love with my new pass case. I decided to treat myself to this dotty number from Paperchase as my old one was getting a bit worn out and it’s also a tad childish – bright blue with different patterned dogs on. This one is much more grown up in comparison. And it has dots and if there’s one thing I love it’s polka dots.

My new pass case

My new pass case

And there’s a matching laptop case…watch this space!

Lau xxx

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