Week in Pictures # 11

So I’ve been a bit (completely) useless at taking pictures this week. Which is silly as I’ve actually been up to quite a bit. Anyways my week has gone a little bit like this:

Monday – Quick trip to Nandos before watching Wicked on the West End as a birthday treat for friends. Yes it may have been my third viewing, but it’s still in my top 3 musicals of all time.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Lazy evenings on the sofa with plenty of snacks and a woolly blanket.

Thursday – Thought I should do something active but didn’t want to be out in the cold, so instead I did a exercise DVD in my living room. I’ve been aching ever since, which totally sucks!

Friday – End of the working week! Celebrated with a wander around the National Gallery before munching on chinese delicacies in Chinatown with friends.

Saturday – 4 mile run, rumage through the material shop, then lunch in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Bar and Kitchen (the cheeseburger is delicious fyi) and a long walk around London with my sister and Mum before a film night – A Walk to Remember followed by Casablanca.

Sunday – Early start (8am) to watch Murray lose, ran 4.2 miles (yes the .2 needs to be there, it makes a big difference!), cleaned and organised my lovely flat, eBay listings during free weekend, afternoon of blogging stuff.


playing in the snow/loving the anchor print on this M&S jumper/Embankment gardens covered in snow on Monday morning

snack time/cozy in my ‘teddy bear’ blanket (named as it’s so fluffy)/London material

More material (loving the red dragonfly one)/the interval at Wicked/Buckingham Palace at night

Have agood week everyone.

Lau xx

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