My reading life update – books 3 & 4 of 2013

You may have been under the impression that I haven’t been near a book at all over the last couple of weeks. But you’d be wrong (luckily for my reading challenge), don’t worry I’ll forgiven you for thinking badly of me as I have been incredibly slack in my updates – *blushing and frantic apologising*. In actual fact since my last update I’ve read two books – yay for me!

Absolute Power – David Baldacci

This was the second David Baldacci book I have read and, I have to say, my favourite so far. It’s got everything that I want from this kind of crime book; great twists and turns, cliff hangers, evil characters and clever detectives. It’s also not too predictable, which I loved, because as someone who has read a lot of crime thrillers I tend to guess how things are going to end up.

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross – James Patterson

Unfortunately the above can’t be said for this book. I’ve actually loved James Patterson books for years, but right now I’m finding his books to be very repetitive. Especially the Alex Cross series, part of me would like this character to be killed off because really how often can someone avoid death? We’re onto book 19 now (I think) and the main character manages to survive being shot or blown up at least twice in each book. Honestly I just didn’t seem to care with this book in the end. Although who am I kidding? I’ll still read the next one just in case it improves!

Next up is The Great Gatsby…

Lau xxx


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