2013 reading update – Great Gatsby

Me again here with another update on my 2013 reading challenge. I’m actually well on track to my 50 books in 2013. I know there’s still 11 months to go but I’m feeling utterly confident that I might actually get this done this year (famous last words!). Anyway, back to what I’ve been reading. I’ve just finished The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I did end up enjoying it. It’s a relatively short book at 170 pages but for the first 100 I found it to be a bit slow moving and I found I really wasn’t bothered at all by the characters and situations. Luckily I decided to persevere and I did eventually find myself getting more involved in the story. I thought it was an incredibly sad story as there was a lot of loneliness for the characters. I have to say that I couldn’t stand Daisy at all, what a simply irritating woman. I’m not sure I’d want to read the book again, but I would like to read some more of Fitzerald’s work to see how it compares to this. Does anyone have any favourites?

Lau xxx

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