Shopping bug…

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted about items that I have been coveting on here. Now don’t start thinking that there hasn’t been anything that I like, because there most certainly has been. In fact I’ve bought a few bits and pieces recently and I’ve been eyeing up a few others. So I thought I’d share them all with you, partly to share the love and partly to make me feel less guilty!

Things I’ve bought…

I picked up this t-shirt last week in Primark. It was only £4 and I thought it would be perfect for lounging around my flat or when I’m out running. It’s such a great colour too.

I’ve just ordered this lovely bracelet online. It’s from Galengift on Etsy, and yes it’s a Harry Potter Golden Snitch bracelet. As I am completely obsessed with the Potterverse you can understand why I just couldn’t resist this. I’m still waiting for it to be delivered and hopefully it will arrive soon.

Golden Snitch bracelet

Things I want…

How cute is this Kindle case? I’ve been wanting a slip-in case for awhile now so I’ve been scouring online to find something a bit different, and that’s how I came across this little beauty. It’s another Etsy find from this shop.

Just one last thing before I leave you alone, this cardigan, because we all know that I have a jumper (and cardigan) obsession! So one thing I’ve completely fallen in love with is this gorgeous cable knit cardigan from Marks & Spencers. Simply put it’s cuteness personified! I’m having dreams of outfits that includes this.

M&S Crest Cable Knit Cardigan

Lau xxx

p.s I realise that this comes very soon after my budgeting post – but I promise anything on this list was bought before I decided to get my budgeting hat on.

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