My week in pictures #12 – eating, culture and sport

It’s that time again, another week in pictures has come around. I had a very chilled out beginning of the week, catching up with friends and doing a lot of reading, I finished one book and started on another – The Great Gatsby, and promptly finished that one too (an update to my Goodreads challenge will be up soon).

As you can tell from all the food pictures there was also a lot of snacking throughout my working week, I just had no will power at all this week. My inability to curb my snacking wasn’t helped by the arrival of white jazzies in the canteen at work and there were also doughnuts in the office. Krispy Kremes to be exact. A colleague is off for 5 months travelling and to celebrate/commiserate we had doughnuts. Luckily my Graze box arrived on friday, so hopefully it’ll be healthier snacking from now on!

Friday I had tickets to see People at The National Theatre, now I’m a huge fan of the National I love everything that I see there, and I also love anything by Alan Bennett so this was the perfect play for me. My family and I had booked tickets ages ago so we’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival this weekend for a while. We booked into the Mezzanine restaurant at the theatre before hand and enjoyed a gorgeous dinner, the best part was ordering dessert for the interval and enjoying it at the comfort of our table – a genius idea and much better than fighting at the bar for drinks. The play was excellent, very funny and observant. Frances de la Tour was brilliant as the main character, I would highly recommend.

I spent most of my weekend back in Horsley at my parents house, there was shopping, pub lunches, runs, cinema trips (Lincoln = very good) and late night NFL superbowl viewing to enjoy. Luckily I’ve got Monday off in order to recover!


Lau xxx

3 thoughts on “My week in pictures #12 – eating, culture and sport

    • I know right. I’m totally and extremely jealous too! Roz has gone off to Asia and Australia for 5 months. If only I could fit in her rucksack!

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