LLO #5 – Beatrix Potter clothes

So there’s only one thing on my likes, loves and obsessions list at the moment and it’s actually a range of baby clothes. Yes, me the eternal singleton is absolutely loving the Peter Rabbit baby items in Gap at the moment. You probably saw a peak of them in my most recent Week in Pictures post as I had great fun helping my Mum choose some items to send to my cousin for her impending birth… Below are a couple of my favourites, but you can take a look at the whole collection here.

I just find each and every piece utterly gorgeous; the patterns, the colours, I want to buy it all. So much so that I’m waiting and watching for people I know to announce their pregnancies. Honestly if the woman on the train next to me was to stand up right now and announce she was with sprog I think I’d be straight to the nearest Gap trying to decide between the Jemima hat or the Peter Rabbit jumper.
Check it out and see what you think, I promise you’ll have the same problem as me!

Lau xx

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