It’s all about the chocolates and hearts!

So to start this post I first need to apologise to you. You see each time I read a blog post about Valentine’s Day I roll my eyes, and yet here I am writing my own one. Honestly, if you want to stop reading now then I won’t be offended. I can admit to ignoring the odd blog post because I don’t like the lovey dovey themed content. But seriously why is it that we have either a love or hate relationship over one little date in the calendar? It’s not even like it’s a single and coupled up debate. I’ve got a lot of friends who are fully loved up, but begrudge the arrival of the 14th of Feb. It’s an odd one, but either way I’ve been spotting lots of lovely things online recently that probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this one date in February. So when I decided to share them I figured it had better be in a Valentine themed post.


Designed for each other mug – I love the simplicity of this mug and the words on it. It’s £10.48 available from Etsy.

Tickets to see Wicked – I love this musical, now I may have seen it 3 times already, but I would happily watch it again and again. I love the story, the sets and the music and can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Love pillow case – Available from HAWThome on Etsy (£24.23). I just love grey and white and it would be perfect for my sofa or bedroom.

‘Bacon to my Sarnie’ cufflinks – Being a lover of bacon sandwiches there was no way I was going to ignore these cufflinks. If I wanted to give someone a gift, and they were the type of guy to wear cufflinks then these would be it for me. You’ve gotta love the ingenuity of notonthehighstreet.

Silicone Heart Moulds – Of course I’ve noticed all the heart shaped kitchen things everywhere, so obviously a couple of them have made their way onto this list. I’m imagining making little heart shaped chocolate cakes with the silicone moulds along with red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting in these Heart cupcake cases.

Couple’s Valentine Gloves – One last thing that I just had to share, isn’t this just hideous? I cannot imagine anyone EVER being glad to open this on Valentine’s day.

So there you go, a few favourite Valentine’s theme treats (and one absolutely heinous one)! Whatever your plans for THAT day, enjoy yourselves.

Lau xx

Love for shopping


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