20 things about me

I’ve been seeing this sort of post everywhere recently and enjoyed reading them so much that I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share 20 things about me.

So here goes.

1. I have a phobia of peas. Yes peas, I cannot stand them; the look, smell, taste and texture all make me feel sick. I once stood on one with my bare feet and I’ve still not gotten over it.

2. I have a twin sister. And people always ask the same questions when they find out; Are you identical? Who’s older? By how much? Any twin moments?

3. We don’t know. But I don’t think so.

4. I am.

5. 1 hour and 4 minutes.

6. Apparently at our first injections I cried when Fi had hers and she cried for me. That’s it though nothing since then.

7. My family used to call me the Strawberry Queen as I’d disappear and they’d find me in the Strawberry bushes eating the fruits of the branches.

8. I travelled around the world for 5 months and 3 days. I took a suitcase instead of a backpack.

9. I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of Leicester. I had 3 brilliant years there and I made the bestest (I know it’s not a word) and most fabulous friends for life.

10. My parents once lost me while shopping in W H Smith. They found me reading in the books sections. I have always been a bookworm and I know I always will be. I love that moment of opening a new book and discovering a new world.

11. I can’t pronounce the words ‘shoulder’ and ‘soilder’, I get the words confused if I don’t think about what I’m saying.

12. My youngest sister was born when I was nearly 9. My parents let Fi and I chose her name. She’s called Rebecca (me) Charlotte (Fi) and it fits her perfectly.

13. I’ve already picked out songs for my funeral – “For Good” from the musical Wicked and “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” from Remember the Titans.

14. I get really grumpy if I don’t have enough sleep.

15. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the uninterrupted family time, the merriment and the festive decorations.

16. I am obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I think J.K Rowling is a genius.

17. I have no control when it comes to Cadbury creme eggs and cheesecake. They are my weakness.

18. I’m left handed.

19. My favourite animals is the owl. I think they are beautiful intelligent creatures.

20. I used to play hockey, rounders and netball at school and hate running. Now I only run and I do kind of love it!

Lau xxx

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