LLO #6 – Pancakes

Seeing as yesterday was Shrove Tuesday today’s Loves, Laughs and Obsessions post shouldn’t come as any shock to you, you see after last nights pancake fun I have actually become obsessed with pancake making.  Now normally I love the idea of pancakes, but the actual reality is never as fun as I’d imagine it to be. They get cold while you’re making them, or you end up snatching bites of pancakes between the frying. Not fun at all. I’d much rather someone else made them for me and I can just enjoy eating them! But then this year happened and I actually helped make a big batch of pancakes with friends with lots of hilarity. We kept them warm in the oven between layers of kitchen paper (genius idea of mine), which meant that we were ALL able to enjoy our pancakes together afterwards, rather than in staggered sittings. I also discovered the best pancake topping ever – strawberries, maple syrup and mini marshmallows – totally delicious and I should know as I had four of the lovelies dressed up like that!

So once I’d scoffed my face with  eaten lots of pancake loveliness I decided that I wanted to try savoury pancakes next. So i’ve been scouring online (via Pinterest, of course) to find myself some savoury recipe ideas. Here are a few of my favourites.

savoury pancakes with spinach, leeks, ham and cheese / savoury pancakes with homemade pesto / prawn and spinach pancakes

I’m very tempted to try at least one of these at the weekend. What do you think? Any other suggestions or ideas?

Lau xxx

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