Budget update

So pay day has arrived and with it comes the end of my self imposed period of trying to spend less money on my credit card. While I plan to continue to be more sensible with my money I thought now would be a good time to review the situation and see how it’s all gone.

Well honestly, it’s not been all that great, I haven’t really sorted myself out at all. I had a few days straight after ‘my bright idea’ where I did well and stopped spending on my credit card and I did start to write downeverything that I spent, but then I stopped and life happened and I put the odd lunch on my card, then a meal out, then there was that quick trip to Primark, the train tickets home, the outfit for this year’s Sales Conference and the online bits and pieces for my Minnie Mouse cupcakes. So yes, not good at all. In fact, as it stands my credit card is around £100 less than it was last month, but I still have 10 days left on this statement. This seriously doesn’t bode well. Why do I have such a huge issue with controlling my money?

I hear a lot of people talk about how managing your money is like controlling your weight, and I guess it is. You watch what your eating and you watch what your spending. Now considering I have managed to rid myself of 39lbs this past year I think it’s clear that I’ve got the hang of controlling/losing weight. So surely the whole money side of things should be simple too. So I say again, why do I find it so hard? When I look at my credit card bill it suddenly becomes clear because yes there’s train tickets, the odd Starbucks and things, but really the majority of my spending on my credit card is from clothes shops. But you see I like clothes shopping now, I like that I can fit into clothes from lots of shops, that I know what size I am in said shops and that I can be more selective about what I buy, i.e. buy what I like rather than what fits. So maybe my weight loss is to blame for my inability to save money. Maybe, fingers crossed, this is one of those lightbulb moments where I work out what’s gone wrong and can suddenly fix it, or maybe next month I’ll do exactly the same thing again – after all there is a trip to visit friends and that will undoubtably include shopping!

So any lessons learned? Clearly I can’t expect such a big change all in one go, so my new goal is to still think more about what I spend my money on, but to not berate myself when things don’t go well. Hopefully this time next month when I look at my credit card statement, I will see a noticeable difference in my card – for the better, obviously. Imagine if it was worse!

Lau xx


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