Green Ogres, Disney and good food. My Week in Pictures #14

This week has been a good week, not least because It seems like we are finally coming out of the winter weather – famous last words, you watch it’ll snow tomorrow. The mornings and evenings seem to be lighter for longer, in fact when I woke at 6:50 this morning it wasn’t dark out the window – result!

Monday was back to work fun, with a three day week last week I honestly wasn’t looking forward to work time this week! Luckily I had exciting evening plans – off to see Shrek The Musical. Which was good, not great, but good. We were, of course, surrounded by children, who unfortuntely couldn’t concentrate for longer than 45 minutes, so the last 15 minutes before the interval was fun! We went for pre theatre food at Pret beforehand – seriously you can’t beat Pret and then stopped off at Hope and Greenwood (which is perfectly placed next to the theatre) for theatre snacks – milk bottles for me.

On Tuesday I was super pleased at the arrival of my cupcake paraphernalia  I needed the cases and bows for Friday so was chuffed that they arrived in plenty of time. Here’s a snap of my lunchtime view – The London Eye across the river. Also when I left work it was still slightly light – miracle. Things are looking up! And of course it was PANCAKE day. Unfortunately no pictures here – I ate them too fast – oops!

Wednesday & Thursday were all about the baking for Friday nights events. I’m afraid I cheated and bought Betty Crocker boxes of Devil’s Food Cake and Red Velvet Cake mix, but really now there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cheating now and then. It was all about the decorating anyways. Here’s a bit of a step by step of the cakes. Do they remind you of Minnie Mouse? Take a look at the ‘making of’ post over on cookbakeandeat. I think these are the perfect thing for Friday’s Disney Marathon. Yes a Disney Marathon, friday night at no. 28 was all about the genius of one Mr Walt Disney. There was good films (Mulan, Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast), delicious food (Ursula Mac n cheese, Ratatouille quiche, Princess cupcakes, Popcorn and of course my Minnie Mouse creations) and of course plenty of wine.

Saturday and Sunday, were busy but sort of relaxed. There was the viewing of Beautiful Creatures with homemade popcorn (leftovers from Friday), 3.7 mile runs along the river, cooking a roast dinner for friends, naps, knitting, blog organising and ebay listing.

Let’s hope the next week is just as fun.

Lau xx

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