Stationery and US TV – LLO #7

This Shop…

When my friend told me about Quill London, a gorgeous stationery shop. I knew I was going to love it. I mean seriously what’s not to like? It’s a shop that sells only stationery! Here are a few of my favourite items. If I had the feather pen I could actually pretend I was at Hogwarts!

 Set of spotted washi tape / Goose Feather biro / Bow washi tape / Thank You card

This TV programme…


Has anyone else been watching Nashville? It’s only 3 episodes in, but I am absolutely hooked on it. I’ve been a fan of Connie Britton since her West Wing stint, so when I saw she was going to be in a new series based around the Nashville country music scene and that she would be singing herself I immediately programmed Nashville into my Sky Box. Well so far it hasn’t disappointed. The acting, the singing, the accents (swoon worthy fyi), the cowboy hats. Love, love, love every minute of it! My only issue is that the hour episodes are just too short. Also is there a soundtrack? There must be. I need it.

 This Soundtrack…

Yes, it’s a soundtrack to a US TV programme – haven’t you realised by now that it’s all I watch? This is the soundtrack for Series 1 of Smash, which as well as being a great show has some brilliant songs to go with it. Although what would you expect from a programme following a new Broadway musical all about the life of Marilyn Monroe? My favourite songs (at the moment) are; Crazy Dreams, Let Me Be Your Star and Who You Are. I can’t wait to see what auditory delights the next series brings.



Lau xxx

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