Top 5 Apps

Today I’ve decided to share my Top 5 favourite/most used apps. I use the apps on my phone a lot, I’m sure you know what it’s like, there are literally apps for everything and I don’t just mean news, games and social media. There’s apps for banking, online shopping, exercise tracking, photo editing, discount codes, listening to the radio, and watching tv; the list goes on and on and on. You’d think picking my Top 5 would be hard, and it was. But these are the apps that I am constantly using…

My Fitness Pal – I know by now you’re tired of me mentioning my weight loss but this app has helped me achieve it so I had to include it here. It’s actually a website and this is the app version where you add in your details and your goal – lose, gain or maintain your weight and then get going with tracking food, exercise and your progress. You can create recipes and meals and use the camera on your phone to scan product barcodes – perfect for lunchtime trips to M&S. The search is incredible, you can guarantee that pretty much most restaurants and eateries products are on here. The Pizza Express menu – check. The soup and sandwich selection at Pret and Eat – check, check. It’s all there. I honestly don’t think I’d have done as well as I have done without this app. Anyone wanting to lose or gain weight should check it out.

Easy Phone Sync – I’m trying to wean myself off my dependency on Apple products, so last time I upgraded my phone I switched from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy III and I love it. My new (okay not so new as it’s a few months old now) phone is amazing, it does the whole multi screen thing, I can still get all the same apps, the camera is much better and things just make more sense – there’s less buttons to click etc, etc. Before the great phone switch the only thing stopping me was my music – it’s all on itunes you see and I was complaining to the nice man in the phone shop that I wanted to switch but didn’t want to lose my music and therefore I’d have to stick with my apple produced iPhone. Well how wrong I was. The man straight away pointed me to this app and told me how simple and easy it was. And boy was he right! You download the app to your computer desktop and your phone, connect the two together and then follow the easy steps. And voila you can transfer any playlists across from iTunes onto your phone. Simple as, and now there’s no looking back!

Twitter – I have a plethora of social network apps on my phone, you name it, I’ve got it; Facebook, Bloglovin, Pinterest & Instagram. Yes I’m a social media junkie! But the thing is I use them for different things. Instagram is to make my photos look good, Pinterest is for inspiration and digital scrapbooking. Facebook is used for keeping up with friends/acquaintances and I use Bloglovin to make sure I don’t miss any posts from my favourite blogs. But Twitter is probably the one I use the most, not that I tweet loads but it’s where I get all my information from. It’s where I find out what’s going on in the world. Seriously, if I want to know why my bus is being delayed or catch up on the football scores without being near a TV – then twitter is my go-to guy. I like that I can get snippets of information, get inspired by quotes, make plans with friends and see photos of cute animals all in one place.

Nike + Running – I’m relatively new to this app, but I’m already wondering why I haven’t been using since I started running a year ago. Previously I was using Map My Run to track the distance and pace of my running, it worked well, with only the occasional blip where the GPS stopped working and thought I was in the middle of the River Thames. Anyways I switched to this app about a month ago and it’s ace. Not only does it track my runs and link to Twitter and Facebook, but it also gives me a breakdown of my pace mile by mile, tells you how far you’ve run in total using the app (for me that’s 22 miles across 6 runs, burning 2,626 calories) and finally keeps track of your fastest run, longest run, fasted 1k, 5k, 1 mile etc. One final thing I love is that it links to your online Nike+ account so you can see all the stats and graphs at a computer too.

Evernote – This is a notes app, which is an absolute lifesaver for me. Before I downloaded this I was completely disorganised and would forever be scribbling on bits of paper or emailing myself things. But with this app you can organise all your notes into notebooks, which means everything is in one place and easy to find. So I have a notebook for Work, Personal, Lau’s Rambling Corner, Cook Bake and Eat (my other blog), places to go and shopping lists. Then you go down a level on the notebooks with individual notes. For example in my Lau’s Rambling Corner notebook I have 10 different notes on the go, all for different updates and each time I have a new idea I add a new note into my LRC notebook. The best thing is that the app is across all platforms so I can access it everywhere – I have it on my personal laptop, my phone, ipad, work PC and work mac and whenever I log in everything is always perfectly synced. You can also attach audio, video, photos and files to your notes to.

So are there any apps that you can’t live without?

Lau xxx

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