Birthday wishlist

Is it too soon for a post about things I want for my birthday? Honestly, yes it probably is, but considering I start writing my Christmas list in October and my birthday is in April, I think I’m probably actually a little late with the birthday talk.

So with that in mind this will be a special birthday related wishlist that will double up as my birthday list to my family and friends. How helpful of me to provide links to everything I want!

I’m pretty sure there will be more added to this list in the near future, but for now here we go…

 Noto teal adress book / London small travel pouch / Coral laser cut purse

Amazon gift cards / Purple Peacock bedding / The Casual Vacancy

Acer Aspire laptop / Magnolia Peacock bedding / River Island skirt

Chair / ConverseKindle case

So there it is my first birthday list for this year. I seriously loving all of these bits and pieces. How gorgeous are the two bedding sets? Yes it seems I’ve got a bit of a thing for Matthew Williamson bedding, but aren’t both these sets just gorgeous? They’d brighten up my bedroom straight away and give it a touch of luxury. I must admit both the chair and laptop are big purchases that I’m not really expecting to receive, but I just had to include the chair as I stare at it every time I walk past Oliver Bonas. Also the laptop is actually pretty essential right now, considering the fact that it’s taken me two hours to put this post together, even though I already had all the pictures and links on Evernote. My ancient and decrepit computer is really on it’s last legs so I’m definitely going to replace it sometime soon, so help towards that would be pretty perfect right now. Amazon vouchers are also always good, great for topping up my kindle and I think I also want vouchers for a couple of clothes shops which is why I’ve only got one item of clothing on this list. Although the skirt is so colourful I cannot wait to wear it in the spring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the bits and pieces on this list, there will be at least one more I’m sure!

Lau xxx

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