Richmond Park 10km run

This weekend was my first 10k race in Richmond Park organised my The Fix UK. It was a race that I had signed up for with my Dad and sister just before Christmas so we hadn’t given ourselves much time to prepare. Honestly we went into this saying let’s just complete it, use it as an experience of a 10k. With that in mind I woke up on Saturday morning quite excited, until I looked out of the window to see snow. I don’t run in any kind of precipitation, ever. So not a great start, it was only light snow, but the wind was icy cold, not my preferred running conditions if i’m honest!

Anyways we made our way to Richmond Park grabbed our numbers and chips for timings and kept ourselves warm in the car until it was race time. We all started out running together, but eventually split up to run our own pace. I have to admit between 6 – 7.5 km I was having a hard time. It was a lonely stretch of race course and I just wasn’t feeling it, but I took a couple of 1 minute walks and by the time I reached 8km I felt like I could run forever – don’t you just love that feeling? I actually think the last 2k was my best part of the race. Anyway I crossed the line at 1:02:08 with a smile on my face. According to my Nike+ app I did my fastest 1k during the event – 04:39. Wow!

To start with I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed about my time when I saw how close I came to being under an hour, I kept thinking if I hadn’t walked maybe I would have completed it within an hour. But then I remember that it’s my first 10k ever – and that I should be proud of myself for what I did, not wishing I’d been quicker. Why can’t my first thought be ‘you did it, congratulations’? Why is it the we, as humans, have that universal problem of expecting more of ourselves? With the above in mind let’s say this instead…

I can’t quite believe I’ve come so far with my running, this time last year I was just starting out with the Couch to 5k iPhone app and just running for 30 seconds was a real problem. So the fact that this past Saturday I ran 10k in 1:02 is remarkable. It shows just what perseverance, a bit of training and pure bloody minded stubbornness can do. And that is what I’m going to keep telling myself!

Here are a few pics from the race…


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