Pink food, the Oscars and chocolate love

A few of my favourite things this week…

1. Frozen Fruit

I finally got around to picking up some frozen berries to add into my granola and yoghurt in the mornings. Apart from tasting absolutely delicious and being the perfect compliment to the other two ingredients in my breakfast, the berries (and their juices) make everything so colourful, this made me realise that red and pink food is the perfect way to start my day!


2. This song from the Oscars

I haven’t managed to watch much of the Oscar highlights yet, but what I have seenis the clip of the Les Mis cast singing. Has anyone else seen it? Isn’t it amazing?! Completely gave me goosebumps.

3. Kit Kat Chunky love

Has anyone else been sucked into the latest round of Kit Kat chunky flavours? Well I have, so far I’ve tried to Hazelnut and the Mint. can’t say I’m a fan of the first one, but the Mint one is seriously good. I actually think I could live off these! If you haven’t tried them then I recommend hunting them down asap!

Lau xxx


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