Early gym sessions and four day weekends

The final week of March has gone a little bit like this…

  • A evening dentist appointment
  • an early morning gym session
  • More West Wing episodes with friends and fish finger sandwiches
  • Lunchtime wanderings through London town
  • Road trip home for the Easter weekend
  • A family filled Good Friday
  • Some delicious food was eaten – Chicken and Ham pie, Chinese takeaway, Steak and chips, a trip to Jamie’s Italian
  • A trip to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth for some outlet shopping
  • A wander around the grounds of RHS Wisley and to see the orchids in the glass house
  • Lots of eating of Easter eggs!


I hope you’ve all had a great week and the Easter bunny has been generous!

Lau xxx


Tv and Easter excitement

Just a tad late with this week’s favourite things. If I’m honest then in all the Easter excitement I forgot all about it! Better late than never Hey!

I’ve just read about the Great British Sewing Bee. Starting on Tuesday is a new series from the people behind the Great British Bake Off and yes as you’ve probably guessed it’s a sewing version of the hit baking show. I want to get a bit more involved in altering my own clothes and even, dare I say it, making my own pieces too so I’m totally excited about this new show.

Now take a look at these paper plates how ace are these? I totally want to go on a picnic now with these little beauties. If only the weather would cooperate!


And finally – it’s Easter! Totes excited for my weekend of family, running, delicious food, the countryside and lots of chocolate eggs. Yummy!

Happy Easter everyone. 
Lau xx

Oxford Love

Today I wanted to share a bit more of my trip to Oxford with you. Yes this basically means pictures. Oddly enough I actually didn’t take that many while I was there, basically some of the cottage and some of Oxford itself. Apparently I forgot to take pictures of myself and my friends – what a numpty! I’m blaming the fact that I didn’t have my real camera, just my phone one. Ignoring that small oversight my trip to Oxford when a little something like this…

  • Road trip from south London to our little cottage in Swinford near Oxford. This included a trek across London that took 1 hour (yes, seriously), damn Friday afternoon London traffic.
  • To get to Swinford you have to go over a toll bridge, the cost of a car crossing is 5p – yes I’m being serious here!
  • Arrive at cottage, get the keys and make ourselves at home, while awaiting arrival of friends. Take lots of pictures of the decor of our cottage – some weird and wonderful paintings and sculptures. Also a rocking horse – I swear I wanted this exact one when I was younger.
  • All present and correct, settle in for an evening of gossiping, eating and wine drinking – perfect.
  • Slightly cold evening due to lack of central heating. Thank god for electric fires!
  • Lazy morning with croissants for breakfast – a sure sign we’re having a girlie weekend.
  • Quick walk across the road for the bus to Oxford. Followed by a slow meander around the city in the snow, taking (a few) pictures along the way.
  • Long lunch in Bill’s  – delicious food – don’t my BBQ pork ribs with sweet potato fries look delicious. I ate way too much, but it was so good!
  • More wandering around Oxford, this time it was the shops! I of course managed to find some bits and pieces to buy, mostly in Primark. To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people that always shops quality over quantity. Maybe when I become a millionaire, but until then!
  • Back on the bus, back to our cottage and another night of chatting, ogling Zac Efron while watching Charlie St Cloud and eating pizza.
  • Sunday we headed to Bicester Village for a bit of designer retail therapy in the snow – only light snow, but still snow. In March. What’s going on??
  • One Cath Kidston London print bag for all my gym bits later and we headed for lunch before departing for home.
  • A very uneventful journey home, super fast too. So much better than the nightmare that was Friday afternoon!

All in all Oxford was superb, so much fun. I love these weekends away where I get to catch up with these wonderful people. A lovely city and a gorgeous cottage in the countryside is just the icing on the cake.

Lau xxx

A week of catching up – my week in pictures


This week has been all about pub quiz fun – one point off the winners thank you very much – visiting Wool House (separate post to come soon), an Evans sister catch up with takeaway dinner and brunch on Northcote Road. Then a road trip to Oxford followed by snowy sightseeing, shopping and cottage shenanigans before returning  to London to collapse on the sofa for the remainder of Sunday!

Like everyone’s favourite English nanny it was practically perfect in every way!

Lau xxx


Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 13.54.09

I’ve had this quote pinned to my ‘quotes, inspiration & motivation‘ board on Pinterest for a good few weeks now. I just love it. It’s so perfectly spot on, plus I love the colour and the white washed brick wall behind it. Let’s just say it makes me smile in every way and so I wanted to share it with you all in the hopes that it does the same to you. It’s so true too, the number of times we don’t do things just in case we do it wrong. But actually does that matter in the grand scheme of things? I think not… In fact when things go wrong we learn from them and become a better more rounded, more confident person. Or at least that’s how I see it. What do you think?

Happy Saturday

Lau xxx

p.s. The original image doesn’t link to anything, so I can’t credit the source. If anyone knows where it’s from please let me know and i’ll update.