Enjoying The Diner twice in one week

Last week was an exciting week for me, as I managed to eat at one of my favourite places in London twice in just 7 days. Yes I headed to The Diner in Covent Garden on Wednesday and Saturday – oops! If you are ever in London town then I definitely recommend heading to one of the six locations of The Diner. Personally I always end up at the Covent Garden location, I think it’s because it’s near work and that tends to be where I am the majority of the time.

On Wednesday night I headed for drinks with current and ex work colleagues. We willed away the hours with cocktails at The Foundation Bar before we headed for food, after wandering around we found ourselves outside The Diner. Obviously we headed in and with only a 20 minute wait we soon settled into one of the leather booths and attempted to make a decision. Obviously when your in an American Diner you have to go for a burger, so it was swiss cheese and bacon for me. Plus a side of Sweet Potato Fries. What is it about these orange vegetables that make such perfect fries? I swear if they’re on the menu then I have to have them, I just can’t resist ever! I finished my meal with a delicious milkshake, I stayed away from the hardshakes, as I’d been enjoying rose with the meal and it was a work night after all. However the vanilla shake with added peanut butter was amazing. Definitely one of my new favourites. In fact, when I headed back there with the Evans family cousins three days later I ended up with the exact same milkshake again, this time I opted for something off the all day breakfast menu to go with it. Eggs Benedict to be exact – crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce is my favourite. A great choice for my second trip in one week, there was no way I could have another burger after Wednesday’s visit.

All in all I had delicious food and great conversation, just what you’d expect from an American Diner. One thing I’ve realised is that if I lived in the US I’d be enormous, I would not be able to say no to eating in a diner. There’s just too much good stuff on all the menus! Speaking of I’m definitely heading back soon for another milkshake. I can almost taste it right now!

Lau xxx


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