Mother’s Day

What do you get someone that never really wants anything? That was the question my sisters and I were met with when we started thinking about Mother’s Day. I mean obviously we were going to get flowers delivered to our Mum, that’s a given, it goes without saying. But knowing that Mum would kill us if we spent our budget – £60 – on flowers we needed to brainstorm, and fast. When I mentioned that it was nearly Mother’s day, my lovely Mum said ‘Don’t get me anything Laura, you know I don’t care about that’. Yeah right, like that was ever going to happen. But what to get to go with the flowers?

Fear not as both Fi and I happened to be reading the same magazine and came across Make Me in Cobham. Not only do they run a mix of craft and lifestyle workshops – perfect for my crafting Mum – but they all take place in Cobham which is just two villages and 10 minutes away from where my Mum lives. Perfect you say? Indeed. Looking at the site there are a plethora of workshops available, jewellery making, cupcake decorating, book binding, knitting, embroidery, shoe making, furniture ageing, you name it, it’s probably available here. Being unable to make a decision about which of the many options Mother Evans would prefer we opted for the gift card so that she could make the choice herself. Said gift card arrived perfectly timed before the big day. And was printed on lovely card, all ready to be hand delivered to the Mothership.

So what was the verdict? Well she only bloody well loved it. Unbelievably, for someone who I swear knows everything about her little corner of leafy Surrey, Mum didn’t have a clue that this place even existed. But now she does and she’s already trying to decide exactly which workshop to do, honestly I think her only problem will be narrowing the options down! Personally I’m slightly tempted with one or two myself.

My only problem now is that we’ll need to come up with something just as good next year, I’d best get my thinking cap on!

Lau xxx

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