Work fun -my favourite things

It’s that time of the week again where I point out my favourite things, except I’ve been a bit disorganised and haven’t got anything scheduled right now.

In fact I’m currently on a train returning to London from Brighton after a work conference. Needles to say I’m feeling a little worse for wear after too much drink and not enough sleep. I do know that getting back into the office this afternoon and getting back into work mode is going to be super hardwork.

I realise as I sit here thinking about yesterday’s events that actually I do have something to write about. You see maybe this week my favourite thing has been this conference. It’s been a great opportunity to meet people within my company – outside of my team – with 520 people convened in Brighton you can bet there were a few faces that I didn’t know. It was also nice to get away from the office and celebrate our achievements, because if there’s one thing I realised from conference is that we’re had a good year. I won’t bore you with facts and figures ‘cos frankly I can’t remember them but we did good this year. Targets and expectations were met plus more and really that’s all anyone can ask for.
I also of course had fun with all my favourite work people. And that’sthe best thing – from wandering around Brighton, to chatting away late into the night it was fun to chill out and talk about non work things and there was food and drink, lots of it. And let’s be honest knowing me what more could I want??!



Lau xxx

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