West Wing, Brighton & lazy weekends

This week has been brilliant. Not only had it been payday – bonus payday in fact! But there was a work trip away and a totally lazy weekend. Totally awesome right!

Monday night I got together with some friends. It was an evening of chatting, fish finger sandwiches and re-watching season 7 of West Wing.


On Wednesday it was off to Brighton for a work conference. We got a 9:06 train from Victoria so we arrived to the seaside just after 10. We had a day of presentations about both this year’s and next year’s projects. Before the gala dinner in the evening there was time to have a wander around Brighton. I saw the beach, the piers, the pavilion and of course managed to fit in a bit of browsing of shops!


Then it was time for an evening of celebration with dinner and dancing. Obviously getting up the next day was hard, luckily there was a free breakfast to help me along the way. After another train journey it was back to work for the afternoon. Gosh that was hard work.

This weekend I’ve had a completely chilled out and relaxed couple of days. There’s been food shopping, a trip to the gym, and cooking. But most of all it’s been about lie ins and sofa time. Utter Bliss!

I did find time to cut my finger by opening a door – I know? How does that even happen?


I how you all had a good week too.

Lau xxx


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