Birthday list number 2

Me again with an update to my birthday list. I’ve spotted a couple more bits and pieces that just had to be added.

When you receive an email with the subject line ‘I bet you wish you were wearing this right now…’ you know that clicking open is going to give you a wonderful wardrobe treat. Well I wasn’t disappointed when Fi sent me this gorgeous dress from M&S via email. I’ve managed to stop myself from rushing out and buying it so far and luckily (or unluckily) it’s currently sold out online. Even so hopefully it will find it’s way to me all wrapped up on the 12th April.


I started watching series 1 of Friday Night Lights last year, but then got distracted and haven’t been able to get back onto it. Well hopefully come my birthday that might change, the boxset of the whole series would be very welcome…thank you!


I’m also still obsessed with these jeans from Gap. I literally love everything about them. The colour, the spots, love love love them. I’m already planning spring outfits around them!


Another thing that needs to get on my birthday list is the ebook version of the entire Harry Potter series. I think I’ve spoken about my obsession with Potter before. I honestly believe that my Hogwarts letter got lost. No one can ever find my parent’s house so what hope did an owl have?! And okay I may have two sets of the books already but the ebooks are still tempting me. I reread the series at least once a year and sometimes books 4-7 are just too bulky to carry around with me. that’s where the ebook version would come perfectly, they’d all fit perfectly on the tiny miracle that is my kindle!

Finally I saw some amazing bedding in Primark at the weekend, no picture but it was white with a navy pug pattern all over it. Love and want!

Lau xxx 

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