Music and weekend plans – my favourite things

As I mentioned previously my sisters and I like to share music with each other using Spotify. One such song that Becca sent to me recently and that I am particularly fond of is Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’. She’s the one who sang The Power of Love in the latest John Lewis Christmas advert. You know the one with the snowman and the gift? Anyway I love this song, the tune and the lyrics are great. I just can’t stop listening to this over and over again!

Now I don’t need new kitchen canisters and even if I did then I definitely wouldn’t need these blue ones as, fyi, my kitchen is a lovely rhubarb and custard cream and pink and these would not fit in at all. But I love these with a capital L. I stumbled across these when I was trying to remove myself from the Matalan website – I can’t help it as there are so many lovely things!

This week I am also totally over excited about my weekend plans. You see this Friday I am heading to Oxford for the weekend. My friends and I have booked a cottage a little outside of the city for Friday and Saturday night. I’m looking forward to catching up, chilling out, eating good food and exploring a new city. Any last minute suggestions for things to do and places to see?

Lau xxx


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