Fantabulous birthday presents

So you’re obviously wondering exactly how many posts I can stretch my birthday across, I’m doing quite well so far aren’t I?! This is the last one I promise – well until next year that is!

I got a host of lovely things from all of my favourite people. You will notice that I was lucky enough to get a few items from previous posts on here, clearly people have been paying attention to me after all. Here’s a quick run through –

  • One shiny new laptop
  • One new kindle case
  • The Casual Vacancy
  • One lovely mug with a cat wearing glasses on it (big love)
  • One gorgeous green jewellery stand
  • One set of pug bedding
  • One lovely new address book
  • One book on The Art of Handmade Living
  • One gorgeous colourful scarf
  • One walk from the London Walks company
  • One pack of Jammie Dodgers (yummy yum yum)
  • Lots of lovely pennies (and notes)
  • One lovely Cath Kidston make up/wash bag
  • Lots of delicious cakes and cake pops
  • Giant knitting needles with purple ends
  • One new set of kitchen knives
  • One pot of pink nail varnish
  • A handmade cross stitch sampler
  • One gorgeous green pillow with a pug face – yes apparently i’m obsessed with the pug!

I think you’ll agree there are lots of lovely things to be happy and grateful for.

Lau xxx


Sunshine, five days at work and lovely eats out

What with all the long weekends I’ve had recently it probably doesn’t surprise you when I say that this past week was my first five day week at work for quite some time. And by golly was it hard! Clearly I’ve gotten too used to having four day weekends! The week has also been incredibly busy and yet I inexplicably have hardly any pics to show for it. Oopsy! My week has gone a little something like this…

  • Two sunny walks to work
  • One catch up with friends that included West Wing episodes, fish finger sandwiches, holiday chatter and belated birthday presents – I finally got that address book and gorgeous Cath Kidston goodies, plus i’m returning a duplicate present for (hopefully) pug cushions!
  • A trip to the gym – 30 mins on the cross trainer for me.
  • Yo Sushi to use my birthday voucher – I swear it actually tastes better with 30% off
  • Spotted 2 ‘celebrities’ around the Southbank post Yo Sushi! fun
  • Wore summer clothes – a long skirt so I still haven’t got these pasty white legs out!
  • Spent a couple of chilled out hours in Green Park
  • Dinner at The Wolsley – which included whitebait, rib eye and vanilla millefeuille, plus wine. Delicious.
  • Spotted David Heyman, Jemima Khan and Emma Watson, all dining in the same restaurant!
  • Listened to a lot of music on Spotify – Bastille, Nashville soundtrack, John Mayer and Lady Antebellum.
  • Friday night viewing of Iron Man 3 – such a fun film. I love RDJ.
  • Finally had a weekend lie-in. Waking up at 10:30 was amazing and definitely needed.
  • Shopping in Clapham for final bits for next week’s jaunt to Newcastle. New shoes from M&S – I love that they do half sizes.
  • Gym Time.
  • Finished my final Easter Egg – sad sad times. How long until they’re back in the shops? Anyone know?
  • Early Sunday run through London town – saw Trafalgar Square, Picadilly, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Horse Guard’s Parade, Whitehall, Westminster Bridge and The Southbank.
  • Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen Somerset House with the parentals. I went for the the French Toast brioche (and a champagne cocktail!)
  • Sofa time with Game of Thrones. Almost through Season 2.
  • Spinning class – nope I didn’t cancel it for a nap this time!

Lau xxx

Post birthday wishlist

Why is it that as soon as Christmas or my birthday is over I suddenly find lots of things that I want need to own? It’s not like I wasn’t actively looking for new things to add to my birthday list at least a full month before the big day hit. Yet suddenly come April 13th I’m seeing lovely bits everywhere. This is doubley a shame as I have earmarked my birthday money for a new dress for a party next month. Yay for me and the party, but nay for me allowing myself to buy any of the items below!

Dog jumper – Floral satchelScalloped cross body bagCandy Stripe scarf

Earrings – GiletButterfly top – Inferno – Six Years

Yes it seems I’ve also gone a bit made on the Tesco website – a jumper, two bags and a scarf! – but I’m simply loving the Florence and Fred range at the moment. Because really, when you can get a gorgeous bag for £10 and a summery scarf for £5, what’s not to love? I only wish there was a Tesco store that had a clothes section nearby, I much prefer physical shopping over online shopping.

The earrings are from Fat Face, a shop I haven’t been in for ages until recently when I wandered in while killing time around Covent Garden and I was sold hook, line and sinker. Plus I love the colour of that gilet and the butterfly pattern on that top – if only it wasn’t white though as there’s no way I can buy it. We all know I’ll manage to drop tomato pips down myself the first time I wear it!

Then there’s all the books that I’ve just discovered exist. How did I not realise that these were out? Clearly I need to spend some more time in bookshops! There’s the latest Dan Brown, Harlen Coben and some David Baldacci titles that I’ve not read. Plus let’s not forget the latest Jodi Picoult book and I need to read the rest of The Game of Thrones series from Book 3 onwards.

Lau xxx

p.s I will be posting about my wonderful birthday presents soon, I promise.

Music, new blogs and pretty pictures

Well will you look at that? The sun seems to be a shining in London Town, triple yippee for this! Although let’s hope I haven’t just jinxed things and sent snow flurries our way!

I am absolutely loving Just Give me a Reason by Pink and featuring Nate Ruess, I just can’t stop listening to it this week. I can just imagine myself on a road trip with my sisters blasting out the music and singing along – we’d be completely out of tune of course, but it would be so much fun!

I’ve just started following Perspective Pictures on Twitter as they share some amazing pictures. Take a look at this musical landscape. Isn’t it stunning?

Also check out a new blog that I discovered on Monday – Raspberri cupcakes – it’s a fabulous Sydney baking blog with gorgeous food photos and delicious looking recipes. At first glance my favouites so far are the Gummy Bear Layer Cake and the Pretzel and M&M Cheesecake. Plus who wouldn’t want to make and/or eat these colourful looking things? Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats – Genius!

One final thing that needs marking – WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Yes I’m a football fan and a big supporter of Manchester United so I’m extremely excited right now. We won the league with 4 games still to play. Woop woop!

Lau xxx

Being a domestic bread baking goddess!

This weekend I baked some bread. Yep I was feeling a bit domesticated so along with some cleaning I got my bake on and then decided to share the recipe on here. Aren’t you lucky! As I mentioned here I had baked Camembert on Saturday night and this bread was the perfect accompaniment. Then it was just as good the next day for breakfast and with some quiche for lunch too. I think you’ve probably guessed by now that the loaf was gone by the end of the weekend!

I’ve been making quite a bit of bread lately mainly because we seem to have a whole lot of different bread flours in our baking cupboard, but also because it’s so quick and easy, it makes me feel productive and there’s something quite therapeutic about kneading the dough too. Plus it tastes so good – there’s nothing quite like the smell of baking bread. Or the taste of a warm slice of bread and jam once it’s out of the oven.

Below is the recipe that I used and beneath that is a picture of the finished loaf. I just went with a simple white loaf and then threw in lots of seeds for an added crunch.

White seeded loaf (1)

Seeded bread

Lau xxx