New dress glee

I only just realised that I hadn’t told you about my new dress. I picked this up just before my trip to Oxford when I was shopping and brunching with my two sisters. I had been looking for an outfit for two events that are coming up this year. I’ve got a friend’s 60th birthday in May and then a wedding in July and once I saw this dress I realised that it could be perfect for either/both occasions. It’s from Jack Wills and was reduced in the sale. Put simply I love the pattern and the colours. It fits really well and the back has a cute cut out complete with a little bow.



(please excuse the awfulness of these pictures, I did try to find the dress online, but it looks like its been taken off – clearly it’s a popular one)

What do you think? I know it’s going to be a staple of my wardrobe this spring and summer – that’s if the sun ever appears of course! Now to work out the rest of the outfit…

Lau xx

3 thoughts on “New dress glee

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